Darkness is the very essence of our souls ,Will you embrace the shadows?

Welcome minions, This is your master, Taintedstar speaking.
   Now as for your first orders, Read this entire site, THEN whisper me, ~Dogness~ on FH. I Require an RP sample upon whispering, We are mapped, so Either you are able to download maps or you don't bother whispering me, or the deputy. I implore you not to step out of bounds, I'll break your legs and throw the remains to the wolves as a chew toy, (In other words you'll be kicked from the clan)

When joining you must use your characters name,not your username.This is due to confusions of who is who.

A Letter from the map maker- So I created the map we are all inhabiting at the moment, and it's been possibly 4 months or so since I made it. I just logged in to the map at 8:56 am EST on 4/27/2014, and saw a Gigantic Fish in the middle of camp, I wanted to apoligize for that as well as hoped it would give you a good laugh because, I'd not known there was one there up until that time.  -Your Local Map Maker